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Brokerages? Here’s How To Let The World Know

Moving to a new brokerage? Welcome to the next chapter in your professional journey!

Changing brokerages is a significant decision, and the way you communicate it can make a lasting impact on your sphere of influence. That includes not just family and friends, past clients and current leads. It also includes your colleagues and referral partners, and even the community at large.

This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of crafting a compelling announcement letter tailored to two distinct groups: your friends, family, and clients (Group 1), and the real estate community (Group 2). You’ll also find best practices for making your move with style and grace, using this as an opportunity to re-introduce yourself and refresh your brand.

Crafting your announcement letter

Knowing what to say when you announce your move is just the beginning. You also need to decide what format your announcement will come in. You may have a few personal friends and close colleagues for whom you’ll want to craft a personal, handwritten note.

You may have older clients who would appreciate a snail-mailed announcement letter and a couple of your new business cards. You’ll probably also mail hard copies of your announcement to any geographical farms that you regularly work.

For most of your SOI, however, you’ll be sending your announcement via email. Make it a priority to get your new CRM set up with updated email addresses so that you can take care of this important task ASAP.

Group 1: Friends, family, clients and active leads
Celebrating Change Together

Express gratitude for their ongoing support. Briefly mention the exciting news of your brokerage change.

Why the Switch

Provide a genuine explanation of why you decided to make this change. Highlight any benefits that directly impact them (e.g., improved services, better resources).

Mutual Success

Keep the focus on the recipient. Emphasize that this change is not just about you but is designed to enhance the overall experience for them. Share how the move aligns with your commitment to delivering top-notch service.

New Business Opportunities

Discuss how the brokerage change opens up new avenues for business. Encourage them to reach out for any real estate needs and reassure them of your continued dedication.

Exclusive Reveal

Make a splash by unveiling your new business card. Showcase the updated contact information and services.

Coffee Invitation

Extend a warm invitation to catch up over coffee. Mention your availability and express your eagerness to reconnect in person.

Group 2: Real Estate Community
Elevating Together in the Real Estate Landscape
Professional Announcement

Craft a polished and professional announcement highlighting your brokerage change. Showcase your enthusiasm for being part of the real estate community.

Value Proposition

Clearly articulate why this move benefits not only you but the community at large. Emphasize any unique offerings or resources your new brokerage brings.

Networking Opportunity

Position the announcement as an opportunity for collaboration. Express interest in connecting with fellow professionals for mutual growth.

Business Growth

Share your vision for leveraging this change to attract new business. Highlight specific strategies or services that set you apart.

Exclusive Business Card

Include an image of your new business card. Provide a direct link or contact information for those interested in collaboration or referrals.

Coffee Invitation

Extend an invitation to colleagues and professionals in the real estate community. Suggest the possibility of coffee meetings to discuss potential synergies.

Looking for an example of these letters?
Download Sample Announcement Letters
Leveraging your move for local and national media

A big move can offer an opportunity to get more attention for your business. Many local publications and city-focused blogs have real estate sections, and there are real estate trade publications like Inman, RISMedia, Real Deal and others that run announcements about moves by top producers and teams.

If you’re not currently working with a PR firm and you don’t have a media contact, consider hiring a copywriter with experience creating press releases. Decide what media outlets you want to reach out to locally or nationally and submit your press release to their real estate editor or to a staff writer who specializes in your market or niche or in brokerage moves.

Make the most of your move with a simultaneous re-brand

If you’re re-branding as part of your move, make sure that your branding elements and marketing collateral are updated as soon as possible so that they can become a feature of your story. The more complete the rollout of your move and re-brand, the bigger impact you can make.

Consider what changes or updates you need to make to the written elements of your marketing. A new bio, new website copy, updated social media profiles, and other copywritten elements. Again, these are often considered “set it and forget it” elements, but they should be revisited and updated often to keep them fresh and current.

One often overlooked element of branding and marketing is an updated professional headshot. Many people continue to use outdated headshots long after they cease to resemble them. In addition, many real estate agents are still using old-fashioned “elbow grab” headshots that look stiff and posed.

Seek out a professional photographer who specializes in headshots and schedule a session with several clothing and background changes. You’ll come away with a selection of headshots — some formal, some casual — that you can submit along with your media announcement.

If you have a team or support staff, make sure that they have a brand guide with your new color codes, fonts, logos, headshots, and other updated information so that there’s a cohesive look to every communication that comes from your office.

In conclusion, announcing a move is not just about notification; it’s an opportunity to strengthen relationships, attract new business, and foster collaboration. Remember to tailor the content to each group, making them feel valued and excited about the positive changes ahead. Good luck with your brokerage transition!

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