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Nov 22 2023

November 22

With just one day until Thanksgiving, let's bask in the glow of anticipation for the warmth that gratitude brings. As the holiday draws near, it's the...

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November 21

With just two days until Thanksgiving, let's dive deeper into the river of gratitude flowing through our lives. Today, take a mome...

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Nov 21 2023

November 20

As we step into this Monday, the beginning of Thanksgiving week, let's take a moment to explore the essence of gratitude. Grateful...

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Nov 20 2023

November 16

As the sun dips below the horizon on this Wednesday, let's reflect on the strength it took to navigate through the challenges of t...

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Nov 16 2023

November 14

Today is Tuesday November 14th (although I have thought it was Wednesday all day).Life has its ebbs and flows, much like the varyi...

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Nov 14 2023

November 13

This Monday, see challenges as stepping stones, not obstacles. Small actions today create significant results tomorrow. Embrace di...

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Nov 13 2023

November 10

Hey Sparklers! Today is Friday, November 10th
Let's dial it back, literally! Today, break the routine and pick up the phone to ma...

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Nov 10 2023

November 9

As we embark on this Thursday, November 9th, let's reflect on the power of our choices. Today's message is a reminder to think car...

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Nov 9 2023

November 8

Daily Spark - Wednesday, November 8th

It's dangerous to have people around you who envy you. They look at you like competition ...

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Nov 8 2023

November 7

Good morning everyone, today is Tuesday, November 7th
"Don't worry,
One day we gonna sit together and say,
'It was hard, but we...

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Nov 7 2023

November 6

The magic you are looking for is in the work you are voiding.

Today, I want you to remember that the magic you're seeking is r...

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Nov 6 2023

November 1

Good morning Sparklers, today is Wednesday, November 1st

Welcome to November, a month of gratefulness and the official kickoff ...

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Nov 1 2023

October 31

Good morning sparklers - today is Tuesday, October 31st 

Happy Halloween, real estate champions! Today, let's address the scar...

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Oct 31 2023
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