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“Where Real Estate Meets Coffee: The Journey of Closing Time Coffee Co.”

When I launched my first real estate brokerage, I had a simple, but groundbreaking idea — trade the stale coffee of most offices for a handcrafted coffee experience. The philosophy was simple: If our agents cared enough to master the art of a good pour-over, how much more care and attention to detail would they bring to helping clients buy and sell their homes?


Like a perfect cup of coffee, real estate transactions require precision and care. That first ground-floor coffee bar no longer exists, but out of that early experience came Closing Time Coffee Co.

Closing Time Coffee Co. is a venture that blends my love for coffee and real estate. The dedication that creates premium coffee blends, and a perfect cup, is the same care and dedication that you bring to real estate. Coffee’s for closers like you, and it fuels that Always Be Closing mindset.

In a world that constantly changes, our commitment to handcrafted quality remains unwavering. Closing Time Coffee Co. is not just a coffee brand; it’s a lifestyle that celebrates the fusion of two passions — real estate and the perfect cup of coffee. After all, in the world of real estate, we’re always looking forward to that next cup of coffee.

Cheers to closings — and cups — that never disappoint!!

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