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I am thrilled to serve as the Director of Growth for eXp Realty, a company that embodies innovation and excellence in the real estate industry. Through this platform, I aim to provide you with insights into what makes eXp Realty truly revolutionary. Join me on a journey to explore the unique aspects of this company that have positioned it at the forefront of the real estate market. As we delve into the about page, I invite you to discover not only the professional side of my role but also the passion and dedication I bring to shaping the growth and success of eXp Realty.

The most agent-centric brokerage on
the planet, breaking the traditional model
  • • No desk, royalty or franchise fees
  • • Work from anywhere in the world
  • • Real-time support from dedicated staff
  • • Live and on-demand trainong from anywhere
  • • SUCCESS Coaching
  • • Competitive commisions
  • • Revenue share
  • • Stock equity programs
The largest independent brokerage on the planet
  • One brokerage with 24 international markets providing excellent growth opportunities for agents.
  • Engage and share best practices across the company.
  • Build teams across borders.
  • Host and participate in daily, live online gatherings.
  • Benefit from a powerful referral network.
Enhance your revenue and build with future-focused technologies and services

Pioneers in the virtual commercial real estate industry with a cloud-based model that provides agents with state-of-the-art tools and technology, and access to a global community of top league advisors, agents, leaders and partners, building a powerful network of professionals.

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eXp Luxury is a global network of eXp agents who provide elevated service to clients anywhere in the world, at any time. Incorporating bespoke marketing capabilities and assets, the program features luxury certification courses and coaching, masterminds and events, and exclusive access to a council of experienced eXp Luxury agents.

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Grow your production with industry leading
programs led by hundreds of world-class eXp agents

The most innovative university on the planet! 80+ weekly, live classes are taught by top- producing eXp agents who share strategies, systems and scripts to help you achieve success in today's real estate market. Recordings of classes are available at eXp University 24/7.


Whether you are brand new or starting something new, our mentorship program pairs you with experienced eXp agents who can share insights, learnings and feedback. In the spirit of collaboration and building community, this is truly about people helping people. When you succeed, we all succeed.


This is your opportunity to collaborate with top eXp agents and leadership across the business in regular masterminds and task forces. Your voice matters. Help to build the company that helps you grow your business.


Our State Broker Teams provide you with the guidance and supervision needed to ensure a smooth transaction, everytime. Our regular live local (online and in-person) meetings, trainings and social events help our agents operate as experts across the real estate industry.

We're proud to offer eXp Healthcare, providing our U.S. agents and their families high-quality and affordable group health insurance
Save money, improve your provider network, and decrease your out-of-pocket costs, plus our concierge service is happy to help with all your scheduling needs.

Incredible coverage with low copays, mental health coverage and the ability to add on vision, dental, critical Illness, and accident coverage

Affordable monthly premiums, limited out-of-pocket maximum, and $0 deductible plans available

Many plans have an Open Network that allows for access to the best doctors in the country


According to NAR, 28-33% of Realtors® are uninsured in any given year.

The future of luxury real estate has arrived.

eXp's exclusive luxury real estate program provides members with access to a robust suite of resources, tools and training designed to differentiate them in the luxury market. Members are positioned to stand out as trusted advisors who bring both local market expertise and valuable global connections to their clients... Because the future of luxury real estate can be found anywhere in the world.

World-class Brand Advertising & Marketing | Luxury Listing Distribution | Powerful Partnerships Extraordinary Presentations | A Powerful Community Global Exposure
Bespoke Brand. Amplified Marketing

eXp Luxury members can effortlessly deploy world class marketing with a distinctive luxe aesthetic.

What does this all mean for YOU?

The place for entrepreneurs to grow personally and professionally with boundless opportunities.


A company built for agents, where everyone is an owner of their own business, brand and the brokerage they help to build.


A community of diverse experts that value collaboration, transparency and having fun.


A company obsessed with the future to improve the present, constantly defining new


The financial model and the ability to choose where and when you do business to achieve your ultimate freedom.

"A life-changing move for us and our agents."
-Andrew Franklin

Incentive Programs
Elevate Your Brokerage: Introducing eXp Realty's Boost Program, Streamlining the Transition for Independent Brokerages. Share Insights on Your Team's Dynamics, Performance, and Culture as We Shape a Tailored Partnership.

If you find yourself leading an independent team or brokerage and are seeking enhanced support in areas such as administration, operations, training, and technology, you're in the right place. Our unique Boost Incentive Program is tailor-made to facilitate the seamless transition for independent brokerages, providing a comprehensive solution to elevate your business to new heights. We understand the significance of your team's dynamics, performance metrics, and organizational culture. By delving into the intricacies of your people, performance, and culture, we aim to align our support precisely with your needs. This program is not just about assistance; it's about a collaborative partnership that empowers your team to thrive in a dynamic real estate landscape. Explore the possibilities with us as we embark on a journey to enhance and fortify your brokerage's success.

Unlocking Success: Join the eXp Realty 'Thrive' Program — A Call for Teams Ready to Dive Deep into Resources and Community Integration. Let's Begin by Learning More About Your Team!

If you thrive on the dynamic process of building and nurturing a high-performing team, and you're in search of comprehensive support for the backend operations, you've just stumbled upon the perfect opportunity. Our exclusive Thrive Incentive Program is designed to facilitate a smooth transition for culturally-aligned teams into the eXp Realty ecosystem. We recognize the value of a team fully immersed in the collaborative and innovative spirit of eXp Realty. The Thrive Incentive Program is not merely a support system; it's a strategic pathway for teams to seamlessly integrate with the wealth of resources and vibrant community that eXp has to offer. We are actively seeking teams committed to fully "plugging in" and embracing the unparalleled advantages of aligning with eXp Realty. To kickstart this transformative journey, we invite you to share more about your team—its dynamics, goals, and aspirations. Let's embark together on a path to mutual growth and success within the eXp Realty network.

Accelerate Growth: Introducing eXp Realty's 'Accelerate' Program, an Empowering Incentive for New Agents with Enhanced Revenue Share Opportunities.

Our commitment to excellence in the real estate industry is unwavering, and at the heart of our mission is the dedication to attract and retain the most exceptional agents. In pursuit of this goal, we proudly present our Accelerate Incentive Program, a dynamic initiative geared towards empowering new agents and fostering their rapid success within the eXp Realty family. As a testament to our proactive approach, we've streamlined the process by automatically unlocking revenue share tiers two and three for new agents. This strategic move is aimed at dismantling barriers and expediting the expansion of personal lines of revenue during their crucial first 12 months with eXp Realty. Our laser focus is not only on recruitment but also on ensuring that every agent experiences accelerated growth, financial rewards, and a supportive environment that propels them toward sustained success in the competitive real estate landscape. Join us in this journey of empowerment and unparalleled opportunities within the eXp Realty community.

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