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The Young and the Brave

Young and the Brave
In many ways, a cancer journey is a lonely and isolating experience. The thought of a young person having cancer and having to deal with that is hard to even conceptualize. The impact it has on parents as well — physically, psychologically, emotionally, and financially — is unbelievable, with some having to quit their jobs or move across the country to be with their kids through treatment.

Based in Ventura County, The Young and the Brave is an organization that is dedicated to helping young adults and children diagnosed with all forms of cancer while also helping their families. Ironically, I was introduced to this group several years ago, before I myself developed cancer. I thought it was an amazing organization and loved that it offered a way for real estate agents to get involved through directly donating a portion of their commissions.

Through its Warrior program, The Young and the Brave provides a fundraising platform for families fighting cancer across the country. Warriors and their families are given an immediate way to fundraise, relay information about their fight, and foster community awareness. In addition, the organization serves holiday meals in hospitals all over the U.S. through its Operation Turkey Day program.

Young and the Brave 
Young and the Brave 

Young and Brave Real Estate Program

Every time you close escrow or refinance a commercial or residential transaction, you can contribute directly to The Young and the Brave on behalf of your client. For a minimum sign-up fee of $150, you’ll be added to our list of industry partners, featured on our website and in media outreach, and have access to our official logo and marketing materials to share with your clients and colleagues. Show how much you care for your community with participation in The Young and the Brave’s Real Estate Program. Learn more about The Young and the Brave’s Real Estate partnerships here.

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