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Planning, popping bottles and toasting your 2024 achievements

Deccember 29, 2023 | Inman

As we launch ourselves into 2024, find out how eXp’s Troy Palmquist is creating inspiration, motivation and celebration to keep moving toward his goals


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As we launch ourselves into 2024, find out how eXp’s Troy Palmquist is creating inspiration, motivation and celebration to keep moving toward his goals.

As we embark on a new year, it’s time to set our sights on personal growth and achievements. The last year has been a tough one for many, a time of transition for others and a time to reevaluate and rethink business as usual.

If you’re trying some new things or simply trying to get back on track after a frustrating 2023 market, you probably need some motivation. At the same time, let’s build in a way to celebrate the accomplishment of each of your goals. By integrating both the goal and reward, you’re sure to keep your focus on the wins.

Research shows that a visual representation of goal achievement — for example, a progress bar versus a verbal or numeric chart — is more effective at keeping you on track and inspiring you to work harder as deadlines approach. This is why people make vision boards and why athletes work so hard at developing effective visualization techniques.

In 2024, we’re taking goal tracking to a whole new level by turning our aspirations into a collection of celebratory milestones — each marked by the popping of a bottle.

The concept

Imagine transforming your list of monthly goals into a set of 12 champagne bottles or wine, each representing a specific objective for the year. The idea is to celebrate the completion of each goal by indulging in the satisfying sound of a cork popping.

Additionally, a bonus bottle — a double magnum of your favorite champagne or an especially rare vintage — awaits its grand opening when all 12 goals have been successfully achieved.


1. Select your goals

Start by carefully selecting your top 12 goals for the year. These could range from personal and professional achievements to health and wellness milestones. They could be individual goals, organizational goals or family goals.

Your goal could be behavioral and operational, income-related or production-related.

2. Bottle personalization

Write each goal on a separate bottle of champagne or wine. You can use decorative labels or even engrave the bottles for that personal touch. You can write on a card, seal it in an envelope, and tie each card to its designated bottle with ribbon. There are also wine bottle tags specifically designed to allow you to make notes like this.

3. VintageView rack display

Invest in a 12-bottle VintageView rack, or otherwise find a way to prominently display your goals. A stylish and functional rack serves as a visual reminder of your aspirations and progress — and the celebration that will result.

4. Celebrate each milestone

As you achieve each goal, celebrate the accomplishment by opening the corresponding bottle. This tangible and memorable record of your success encourages you to take the time to acknowledge your achievements, thank those who’ve contributed and celebrate incremental progress rather than getting bogged down in frustration over minor setbacks.

If your goal is production-related, you might connect each bottle to a listing or buyer closing and either open them yourself or give them as client gifts.

5. The grand finale

Reserve your double magnum or unique vintage for a special moment — the achievement of a long-term goal, an important milestone or a well-deserved New Year’s celebration capping a year of growth. This special bottle symbolizes the culmination of your efforts and the achievement of your overarching goals.

If you don’t drink or if you want to be inclusive of those in your family or on your team who refrain, consider alternative treats. You could:

  • Take 12 day trips to fun getaway destinations near you
  • Spend 12 days at a day spa relaxing with your team
  • Buy tickets to 12 concerts, shows and sporting events
  • Plan 12 special dinners at your area’s best restaurants
  • Create a piece of custom jewelry with 12 stones or other elements

Whatever you choose, make sure there’s a culminating capstone event to finish off the year and get geared up for 2025.

Tracking personal goals in 2024 is not just about ticking items off a list; it’s about savoring the journey, celebrating victories and creating lasting memories with the people who matter most. The visual representation of your aspirations serves as a constant source of motivation, reminding you of the progress you’ve made and the milestones still to come.

Here’s to a year of growth, accomplishment and, of course, many joyous cheers!

Cheers to 2024!

Troy Palmquist is the founder of DOORA Properties in Southern California and director of growth for eXp California. Follow him on Instagram or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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