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October 31

Good morning sparklers – today is Tuesday, October 31st 
Happy Halloween, real estate champions! Today, let’s address the scariest thing of all – the fear that holds us back. The real estate market might have its twists and turns, but it’s not as frightening as it seems. And guess what? Calling your database, sharing your knowledge, and being there for your clients isn’t terrifying either. It’s all treat, no trick! 

In fact, one of the best things I did was dropping off a 5-pound Costco bag of candy on Halloween. Just want to make sure my friends and family, and especially the people I sold a home to this year, are ready for Halloween. It can be scary being in a new neighborhood and not knowing how much candy to buy. The extra bag is clutch! 

So, don’t let the ghostly specter of self-doubt and fear haunt your progress. The only thing that should send shivers down your spine is the thought of not reaching your goals because you’re too scared to pick up the phone and connect with potential buyers and sellers.This Halloween, let’s laugh in the face of fear, channel our inner real estate witches and wizards, and conquer our goals with a smile. Remember, there are no spooky surprises in the real estate market that can’t be handled with the right knowledge and determination.Happy Halloween, and let’s make today a BOO-tiful day in real estate!  #NoFearInRealEstate
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