Troy Palmquist
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Troy’s Motivation

How can you power through when everything and everyone around you is telling you that you’re finished? How can you overcome obstacles, both external and internal? What do you do when life’s circumstances appear to be overwhelming? Let Troy Palmquist shift your perception through his inspiring, motivational story.

Over the past three years, Troy and his family have faced a host of challenges, including a major injury to his son and Troy’s own cancer diagnosis. A firm believer that “God won’t put you through more than you can handle,” Troy’s journey goes beyond the canned motivational content you’ve heard at other conferences, offering the insights, wisdom, and actionable advice he has used to overcome obstacles in his own life.

Moments in life don’t define you; they refine you, preparing you for greatness. Let Troy Palmquist share his compelling, hope-filled vision for the future with your company or organization.

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